Perhaps we can all be better?

Chaplain’s CornerPadre Rosinski

Padre Marcin Rosinski

Let us promise ourselves that when it all ends, we will be better people.
How can the current “new normal” be best used?

Are you waiting for life to return to normal? Do you pray and hope that you will soon be able to lead a social life again? Or, more importantly, that you can work again in your previous environment? Me too. Meanwhile, our current quarantine or isolation is our life. This is our new standard for the near future. Let us remember that this bizarre form of existence in the age of forced social isolation is just as important as life before the virus. How easy it is to dream that it would be different. Let us stop thinking wishfully and let’s use our time wisely.

One of the best examples here is a book that I read a long time ago titled “…because you are with me. Spiritual testimony from Siberia.” This Jesuit priest wanted to teach people about Jesus in Russia. It was his dream, which he was not able to realize – during World War II he was arrested and sent to a single prison cell, and then to a forced labor camp. He realized that he had to live the life he was given, not chase his dreams. And as soon as he changed his approach, every day of his life not only gained importance, but also brought measurable value.

How can we, in the current circumstances of forced isolation, benefit from what has become our new normal? For many of us, this will mean a slower pace of life that focuses entirely on home.

Maybe there will be more time in the evenings and mornings.

Maybe there will be more peace.

Maybe you can spend more time with your children.

Maybe you will drive less.

Maybe there will be fewer responsibilities.

It is tempting to fill your time with noise and “distractions” to somehow make up for the fact that you cannot meet with others. Resist this temptation! Read less world news and blogs on the web. Watch movies, read books and listen to music that is a challenge for you! Do not watch a TV series or program again; try something new that requires more effort and attention. Avoid spending lots of free time on social media. Instead, use this strange time to invest in relationships – talk “live” with your household members or over the phone and instant messaging with relatives and friends living far away. Write letters to people you love or to those you rarely talk to or to someone who has somehow changed your life.

How can you enrich your daily prayer life that you sometimes lacked time for? Find some form of prayer that speaks to you or is important, maybe something you learnt when you were a child and somehow forgot about.

Invest your time and attention in people. Invest in prayer. Invest in renewing your own life. Change your life for the better compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Our days are usually filled to the brim with responsibilities and various activities. Using the Internet now, we can still fill the whole day. However, the current exceptional circumstances give us an unprecedented opportunity to gain a distance to everything. There are no commutes or extra activities in our day schedules. We have more time available – how will we use it? Many positive activities that filled our time of the week are currently suspended, so let us fill our lives with other good activities. And when it’s all over, let’s be better people.