Quarterly Honours & Awards

4 Wing Commanding Officer Col Dave Moar and CWO Remi Nault announce quarterly awards in Virtual presentation ceremony. Photo: Facebook Screenshot

Cliff Kenyon

It was an awards ceremony like never before.

It was a thank you for outstanding achievement by 4 Wing Canadian Armed Forces members who had reached beyond the expected in unusual circumstances – the arrival of a pandemic.

The quarterly awards are usually a formal affair with smiles and congratulations for those called up for recognition. But none of that was possible. Instead, these were the Virtual awards, prerecorded for all to see on Facebook covering the January to March period.

4 Wing Commander Col. Dave Moar made the recorded announcements with CWO Remi Nault.

“It’s great to see the innovation and efforts,” for CAF members, said Moar. He said recognition of outstanding efforts by members is a priority.

The 1 Canadian Air Division Commander’s Coin went to LCol Renato Duarte, CO of 4 OSS.

Moar said Duarte, in developing a COVID-19 response plan, tackled the “most significant challenges” at 4 Wing since 9/11.

“He works day and night to be sure this wing succeeds,” said Moar.
The citation is as follows:

“LCol Renato Duarte has been 4 Wing’s key leader in preparing and executing our COVID-19 contingency plans. Whether conceptualizing and drafting the entire 4 Wing BCP, leading the development of the NORAD Mission Assurance plan, or designing the modified CF-188 Force Generation plan, LCol Duarte has demonstrated his exceptional problem solving, outstanding communication, and confident leadership. His efforts have led to the successful implementation of the most significant changes to 4 Wing’s operation since 9/11, some of which will endure beyond the end of the current crisis. During COVID-19, LCol Duarte has continued to dedicate effort to the many other priorities he leads including implementation of Future Fighter infrastructure in Cold Lake, CLAWR modernization initiatives, and a number of delicate legal negotiations with local Indigenous groups.”

Moar said Duarte told him in response to the award that “it was the team at OSS and the other teams. It wasn’t just the commanding officer.”
The Wing Commanders’ Commendation went to Sgt. Thomas Yaksich.
Moar said that without the contributions of members such as Yaksich “our aircraft don’t fly.”

A Wing Commander’s Commendation also went to Cpl Emily Reiman for efforts to arrange 4 Wing International Women’s Day events.

“Your efforts to educate members are very much appreciated,” said Moar.
A Wing Commanders Award of Excellence went to Cpl Melissa Deroy of 1AMS for eliminating data discrepancies.

Moar said aircraft maintenance is a complex task and such efforts “keep our jets flying.”

A Team of the Quarter award went to WETO for demonstrating “exceptional leadership,” said Moar.

He said WETO is all about managing people and “they needed to make important decision when COVID 19 hit.”

A Team of the Quarter award also went to CIS flight for efforts to prepare the new medical centre.

“We are highly reliant on IT,” Moar said. “During my visits to the medical centre I saw those efforts so Health Services could hit the ground running. Thanks for your continuing efforts to make that building successful.”

Civilian of the Quarter went to Rob Ovens. Nault said he did an “outstanding job” and has been completely “mission focused”.

Wing Command Team Coins:
Capt Lyndon Crowder, 409 TFS
Sgt Paul Beynen, 409 TFS
Sgt Alisha St. George, 1 AMS
Sgt Michele Boisvert, ARAF
MCpl Amanda Proctor, ARAF.

Crowder and Beynen worked tirelessly to ensure suitable accommodation for OPERATION Southern Push which were derailed by the pandemic.

Another honour went to Sgt Alisha St. George, co chair of the annual 4 Wing mess dinner which was ultimately cancelled due to the pandemic. Also honoured were co-chairs including Sgt Michele Boisvert and MCpl Amanda Proctor.