Wing Commander’s Wellness Challenge – 4 Wing Foodie Challenge!

Tammy Buchanan

During this COVID-19 pandemic, are you getting tired of cooking the
same old meals every week for you and your family? Looking for some new and easy recipes? Perhaps, you are a beginner and the kitchen and long arduous recipes actually scare you? Whichever category you fall in, this year’s Wing Commander’s Wellness Challenge may be for you! Col Moar has officially kicked off the 4 Wing Foodie Challenge online, which you can checkout on the 4 Wing Connection Facebook page!

The goal of the challenge is to encourage everyone to embrace home cooking with simple and healthy recipes to try each week. The steps to play are easy:

Step 1: On the 4 Wing Connection Facebook Page just click “Going” on the 4 Wing Foodie Challenge Event!

Step 2: Click the “link” to register, which takes 1 minute to complete, so you can be entered to win the weekly and grand prizes.

Step 3: Every Monday you will have access to a new recipe to try. You can make the meal or the snack, or both!

Step 4: Take a picture of your creation!

Step 5: Post your food picture on the 4 Wing Foodie Challenge Facebook event page, and ‘rate your plate’! Five stars means you would make it again!

Step 6: Repeat over the next 12 weeks with the new recipes for your chance to win!

The Challenge starts June 1 and runs until August 24; however, you can start at any time. Every week one recipe will be geared towards adults and another one will be geared towards children. However, if you do not have any children, you can still make the recipes and post your food selfies!

The more pictures you post, the more chances you have to win. Submissions for the meals will put you in the running to win a weekly grocery gift card, and submissions for the snacks will allow you an opportunity to win a special gift card! Each week the winner will be announced on Monday’s Facebook post! To finish off the Challenge all entries will be re-entered in for the grand prizes. The prize for the meal submissions will be a “Go Fresh” type food box (limited subscription -approximate value of $400), and the prize for the snack entries will be a gift card (valued at $100).

Remember the goals are to have fun, make healthy eating easy, and involve the household family or your roommates in the process! If you would like more information, or if you do not have a Facebook page but would like to play along, please contact us at