4 Wing band turns to technology to stay apart

Cliff Kenyon

4 Wing Band has cancelled all in-person meetings and rehearsals due to COVID-19.

Even meetings in small groups is not allowed, as they have learned, so members have turned to the internet, as most groups at 4 Wing have done.

Bandmaster WO Jeremey Duggleby said efforts seems similar to home schooling.

“It’s very much up to the individual. Band is voluntary, but I hope enjoyable But it is a secondary duty for military members and an extra curricular activity for civilian members,” he said.

“There are so many competing issues at the moment (family and operations being two of the biggest) that other things must necessarily take precedence.”

He said he has challenged band members to make recordings of themselves
“I’ve challenged the band to make recordings of themselves (or to collaborate) using tech/apps. For instance, an app called Acapella allows someone to record multiple video/audio tracks and it splices them together automatically. There are a few such videos in process for sharing with other people in the Band community, and I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

Most years at this time, 4 Wing band would be rehearsing for the last concert of the season (usually at Kinosoo Beach).

“Of course it can’t happen this year and there’s nothing else on the horizon, so there aren’t really specific pieces to work on. We get together once a week for a chat on Zoom so we can stay in contact and so I can see how people are faring.”

“If I find something of interest on YouTube or other platforms about playing and music in general I share them with band members, but personal practice is very much personal practice. If folks want suggestions I’m happy to provide them, but for the most part they work on their own at their own pace and for the love of it.”

Duggleby won’t be here to see the results of their summer practicing.
“Sadly I’m posted this summer and I don’t think I’ll be able to see the band again as “the Band”, but I know that when the new Bandmaster is in place they’ll be ready to go – they always are! “