Participate in this year’s Terry Fox Run

This year’s Terry Fox Run is going to look a little different. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic there will not be any physical Terry Fox run sites, including in Cold Lake. Instead Canadians are being asked to continue Terry’s legacy by completing their own run. In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope, 4 Wing has created an online team and is participating in the 2020 Virtual Terry Fox Run. We are looking for your support in our efforts for this very worthwhile cause.

There are several ways for you to participate and earn Wing Commander Cup points along the way​!

One way is to go to and either join our team or sponsor us. Our goal is raise at least $2,000. If you join our team, you can then go out and seek support from your friends and family to help us achieve this goal. Or you may choose to just sponsor us by donating an amount of your choosing.

Yet another way is to getyour unit involved and earn Wing Commander Cup Points!


1 – Unit to nominate an OPI to track how many members of their unit have completed the 5k or 10K route;

2 – The Unit OPI sends an email on final results to Tovah Fenske at NLT 25 Sept 2020.


# mbrs completed 5K route

# mbrs completed 10K route

WComd Points are allocated as follows:

1 point per participant

1 point per km completed

Then the total points earned by a unit are divided by the unit’s strength and expressed as a ratio.  (This evens the playing field for smaller units).  The unit with the highest ratio wins bragging rights!

Example: ​If your unit has 40 members complete a 5 km route the unit would be awarded a total of 240 points (i.e. 40 + 200 = 240).  In this case there are 100 members in the unit, resulting in a ratio of 2.4. (240 divided by 100).  

Note that participants can complete the routes more than once and include it in the unit total.


PSP has provided three route options at 4 Wing, however participants can chose any routes in the Cold Lake area.

Option 1: Open the gate! Gym to Gateway Park and back 5km

Option 2: Check the back door! Gym to Back gate and back (5km)

Option 3: Tin Town Tour! Gym to “tin Town” and back (5km) AKA Classic Wing Commander’s Wellness Walk route.


Participants can complete any 5K or 10K route in support of the annual Terry Fox Run between Saturday, Sept 12th  – Sunday Sept 20th/2020.

Please direct any questions to the PSP Sports Coordinator, Mr Jerry Ingham at local 8195 or at

What’s in it for me?

B – Better Health
A – Active Living
L – Leading by example
A – Accountability for one’s health
N – Nationwide participation
C – Contributing to a Cure
E – Engaging in something bigger than you

Your Team Captain! Col Moar