1 CAD command team award members

Nominations for Comd 1 CAD Coin

Cpl Patry 2
Cpl Jonathan Patry, 4 MSS, W Replen
Cpl Jonathan Patry’s contributions to logistical support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic ensured that the Local Procurement Section was able to source and manage the critical supplies required by 4 Wing, enabling personnel to continue working in a safe manner. His enhanced trade knowledge, ability to work independently, total dedication to duty, and willingness to assist in any capacity have made him a valuable member of REPLEN Flt and an asset to the CAF. Cpl Patry is commended for his outstanding performance at 4 Wing Cold Lake, and the positive impact it had on both the CAF and operations. Photo: Submitted
Avr Couet 2
Avr Alicia Couet, D/W Comd, W Compt
Avr Alicia Couet is awarded the 1 CAD Comd coin for exceptional dedication and work ethic. Over the period of April – Sept 2020, and throughout the Pandemic, she has been relentless in her contributions to 4 Wing financial operations through her support to continuity in the completion of highly complex claims, contribution to positive control of the 4 Wing $30M aviation fuel budget, and a substantial leader for community involvement amongst her peers through her charitable efforts to Valour House. Photo: Submitted

Nominations for 1 CAD CWO Coin

Sgt Mitchell
Sgt Amy Mitchell, 4 OSS, ATC
Sgt Amy Mitchell is commended for the exceptional work ethic, dedication and leadership she displayed when she assumed the added responsibilities of Acting ATC MWO from Nov 2019 to Aug 2020. Demonstrating strong communication skills, she assisted leadership on staffing administration, provided insightful feedback and made astute decisions. Her contributions not only served the needs of the unit but also supported members’ well-being. She increased unit cohesion by establishing sound professional relations, imparting knowledge and personal experiences and mentoring NCMs. Photo: Submitted
Sgt Ferris 2
Sgt Ashley Ferris, 11 MP Flight
Sgt Ashley Ferris has demonstrated exceptional sustained performance as the Acting 11 Military Police Flight Warrant Officer and Officer Commanding to 4 Wing between December 2019 and September 2020. She provided valuable, consistent and remarkable guidance to 4 Wing Command Teams in matters pertaining to security and police investigations. Her performance has been in keeping with the highest traditions of service of the Royal Canadian Air Force and has brought great honour to 1 Military Police Squadron. Photo: Submitted