4 Wing Command Team Message

Colonel Dave Moar, 4 Wing Commander and Chief Warrant Officer Lee Darling, 4 Wing Chief Warrant Officer

So, here it is again, time to put away the patio furniture and search for that elusive window scraper that’s hiding in the garage or shed somewhere. Summer is behind us, the days are getting shorter and while initial worries might shift towards making sure the kids are bundled up or when should the winter tires get put on, there are definitely other things lurking in those long evenings that we need to be aware of. Summer ends abruptly here in Cold Lake and always without warning; activities enjoyed during the weekends and those splendidly long evenings find themselves replaced by the Dorito fueled binge watching sessions of whatever goodness Netflix has to offer.

As if things weren’t challenging enough with the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions limiting our travel and socializing, we now add the inevitable winter, but don’t think of it as inescapable! Be innovative and find new ways to enjoy the great opportunities found in the area; winter hiking, ice fishing, or cross country skiing are just a few ways to explore the area, add to fitness, and build mental resiliency. Adventures as these exist right in our own backyards and can be enjoyed with our family, close cohort of friends, or in small groups with social distancing. Also, the MFRC and PSP both provide additional, robust programming to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing. With events like virtual trivia nights and the ability to sign out sporting equipment at the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre, many opportunities exist for us to unplug and do something different. Taking positive steps to prepare ourselves will help prevent that low seasonal mood that seems to grip us when the sun only shines while we’re at work. Make time to talk to friends and family, explore the many recreational opportunities present in the area, and take advantage of the many programs and services offered by both the community and the Wing.

Any of us can face a mental health challenge at any time, if you or someone around you needs support, please reach out to a Sentinel, padre, or to our mental health folks, they are always happy to lend a helping hand and a friendly voice. We realize that this is hard year for everyone, and the sudden, early onset of winter can exacerbate our situations, so let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Remember, we build strong teams through well supported individuals, every one of you is critical to the mission and sometimes we all need a little help. Don’t let winter get you down, it’s just like summer, only colder.

Portrait - Col Moar