Walk this way

Maj H-1
Maj Hjalmarson took to walking to help with his weight loss. Here he is participating in the PSP Summer Active Challenge, which involved walking/running/cycling various routes throughout the summer. Photo: Submitted

Joy Smith, Reporter

We all know that exercise is one of the recommended ways to lose weight but it’s not often that exercise becomes a way to do your civic duty.

Maj Kris Hjalmarson began walking as part of his weight loss plan. “At the height of my walking I was doing about 25,000 steps a day in order to lose weight and I was using a weight management application on my phone to count calories as well.”

Hjalmarson was inspired to get moving by the dramatic weight loss by a colleague in his unit.

“It took about six months to lose 40 pounds but it was over the winter and spring time so I was extremely proud of myself.”

Almost a year later, Hjalmarson has maintained his weight loss but admits that keeping the weight off over the winter season will be a challenge especially with COVID-19 restrictions on fitness facilities. “I know I’m going have to find some clever and unique ways to continue to get in my steps.”

Many of Hjalmarson’s 25,000 steps a day were achieved by walks in his neighbourhood. “Walking around my neighbourhood, I noticed that there were several areas that were high traffic and many pedestrians but no pedestrian crossways.” Not happy with that, Hjalmarson contacted the City of Cold Lake to ask them to put in some pedestrian crossways behind Tri-City Mall area along 61 Avenue.

Approximately three weeks after Hjalmarson contacted the City of Cold Lake a new pedestrian crosswalk was installed on 61 Avenue. “I was very impressed with the timely response from the City of Cold Lake,” commented Hjalmarson. “I have seen many people use that crosswalk; I use it almost every day.”

That’s the way to flex your municipal muscle.

Maj H-3
Maj Hjalmarson standing in front of a new pedestrian crosswalk sign that he requested to be installed by the Tri City Mall area and 61 Avenue. This will help the many pedestrians that walk that area have a way to safely cross the street. Photo: Submitted