26 November 2020: Message from the Wing Commander, COVID-19

Portrait - Col Moar4 Wing members,

In response to the provincial restrictions announced on November 24, I imposed measures within 4 Wing that will continue to protect the health of our members, address the growing challenges of 4 Wing families, and assure the continued success of our critical missions.

We will make all efforts to accommodate military and civilian members who require a modified work arrangement due to COVID-19. Members and families may become increasingly challenged by child care issues, spousal employment, loss of community services, and COVID-19 health contingencies (i.e. mandated isolation). The Wing will support our members to the maximum extent practical.

I understand that guidance and rules are changing rapidly as we adjust to changes in the local COVID-19 situation. These changes can be difficult, stressful, and frustrating. If you are experiencing difficulties throughout this time, no matter how big or small they may see, I encourage you to reach out and utilize one of the many support service options we have available at the Wing. This includes but is not limited to the Mental Health department, padres, or unit representatives of the Sentinel Program. A wide variety of great resources are also available from the Defence Team COVID-19 – Mental Health and Wellness site for both you and your family members.

4 Wing restrictions will be applied in 14 day increments with the next policy assessment point occurring on December 9, 2020. The following guidance will apply immediately to all 4 Wing members. Families and Lodger units are encouraged to adopt similar measures when possible.

The new direction and guidance is highlighted in green.


1) Health Measures
• On base: Non-medical masks must be worn at all times when not seated alone at your place of work. If someone else enters your work area, you must don a mask;
• Off base: All 4 Wing members shall wear a mask while in public spaces outside of the base while on and off duty. This includes those members who have secondary employment at businesses which do not require masks; and
• All members are to stay home if sick or exposed to a potential case of COVID-19. Supervisors are to ensure that members are not being pressured to attend work if sick or potentially exposed to COVID-19. Follow the steps in the 4 Wing COVID-19 Tool.

2) Gatherings
• 4 Wing members are to strictly limit or eliminate group gatherings UFN. Consider delaying events or using virtual options;
• All Wing units have adopted a multi-team segregation with no unauthorized inter-mixing of teams. Under no circumstances will segregated teams intermix during group gatherings or training;
• Essential in-person group training requires authorization of the Commanding Officer and shall not exceed 15 people;
• Only conduct in-person events when essential to do so;
• As of November 25, most services are only available by appointment or offered using virtual means;
• Indoor Mess events are cancelled until January 11, 2021; and
• Social events are not allowed.

3) Indoor Group Fitness Classes and Team Sports
• Operationally required FORCE Evaluations are permitted to be conducted (one on one);
• Indoor group fitness classes cancelled;
• Team activities/sports cancelled; and
• Access to the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre continues to be open for individual exercise, training or equipment use. The pool will remain open for lane swim only. All facility users must wear masks at all times, including during their work outs.

4) Visitors
• Visits to 4 Wing are to be limited to essential business only. All visitors to be approved by WComd. Local contractors who regularly support Wing requirements are not considered visitors and do not require WComd approval.

5) Travel
• All 4 Wing members who are planning travel this Christmas must remain aware of the risks and potential for leave cancellation; and
• Non-essential travel to Edmonton and Calgary remains prohibited. Essential travel is permitted with CO approval. When conducting travel to Edmonton or Calgary for essential purposes, members are prohibited from conducting non-essential side trips (e.g. travel to Edmonton for a medical and then going shopping).

6) Family
• 4 Wing members are encouraged to inform their families of the current Wing guidelines and encourage them adopt similar practices (specifically PHMs, mask use in public, limiting or eliminating social gatherings).

7) Support & Services
• There have been some changes to the way support services are operating; for a full list of those changes please view the 4 Wing Support & Services COVID-19 Operating Status document.

Col Moar
Commander, 4 Wing