Army Run or Navy Bikes? You decide

Canada Army Run
Canada Army Run is about Canadians and the Canadian Armed Forces joining together in the spirit of camaraderie and community. Photo: @CanadaArmyRun Facebook Page

Joy Smith, Reporter

Throughout the year, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) challenges their members to get out, get involved, help support a worthy cause and have some fun doing it. This year the Canada Army Run and the Navy Bike Ride invite everyone to do just that.

With COVID-19 still keeping everyone at least six feet apart, Canada Army Run and the Navy Bike Ride invites participants to take part in their virtual challenges. Below is a bit of information about both events.

Canada Army Run

Canada Army Run is about Canadians and the CAF – Air Force, Army, and Navy – joining together in the spirit of camaraderie and community. It’s a chance for the troops to extend the military esprit de corps to Canadians and to thank them for their support. And, it’s an opportunity for Canadians to say thanks to the men and women who serve them in so many ways at home and abroad.

This will be the second virtual Canada Army Run; registered participants can complete the virtual race any time between September 10 to September 19, 2021. You can run at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill. Participants are encouraged to complete the race in a safe and fun manner.

Since 2008, through race proceeds and the fundraising efforts of participants, Canada Army Run has contributed over $4 million to Support Our Troops and Soldier On to care for our CAF community, their families and the ill and injured. This includes providing financial assistance to promote family resiliency and to support the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of members with a physical and/or mental illness or injury.

When participants register, a Fundraising Page is automatically created, so you are ready to go. All you need to do is personalize it! Add a photo if you like, set a fundraising goal and add a message. Then, invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to pledge you.

For serious runners, your virtual race can be recorded by using the ASICS Runkeeper App or input your manual time on the Race Roster Results Page. Go to for instructions on linking the app.

ALL race kits will be mailed to the address indicated in your registration. There are no in-person collection options available.
Right now, they are offering an early bird rate to register until March 31, 2021, so be sure to register soon.

Navy Bike Ride

Together we ride, together we make waves.

Following the success of the 2020 Battle of the Atlantic virtual challenge, the Navy Bike Ride is back with the 2021 Harry DeWolf virtual challenge.

Get ready to ride as event planners target 30,000 cumulative rides. Cyclists riding indoors or outdoors, all while respecting the rules of social distancing, chart a course for HMCS Harry DeWolf’s inaugural deployment through Canada’s North and North America!

The 2021 virtual Navy Bike Ride will take place from June 12, 2021 through to August 29, 2021. Cyclists of all ages will be able to participate in this free virtual event with the goal to log 30,000 rides over the course of the summer.

The connection between the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and cycling may not be an obvious one. Cycling has long been a tradition as it can be difficult for a sailor stay in shape when they’re deployed onboard a ship for months at a time. Very few warships have a large enough space to dedicate to a gym, however a stationary bicycle is compact enough to squeeze into tight spots all over the ship. Many sailors rely on cycling to remain in fighting shape.

Many sailors in the Royal Canadian Navy are avid cyclists and dedicated athletes. As we keep our naval ships in fighting shape, our sailors must also focus on their own physical fitness. The Navy Bike Ride is an opportunity to highlight that commitment to health and wellness.

Funds raised by the participants of the Navy Bike Ride support two organizations dedicated to the well-being of the RCN’s current and former sailors and their families – the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund and Support our Troops. Head to to sign up now!

Canada Army Run
The Navy Bike Ride is a fun charity event – open to cyclists of all skill levels and all ages! Photo: @NBRDVM Facebook Page