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Stay safe this summer avoiding injury

June 30, 2020 at 10:56 am

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist Most injuries that occur in Canada are unintentional, predictable, and preventable. Injuries, excluding complications of medical and surgical care, are the leading cause of death in Canadians aged 1-44. In cases where injuries are non-fatal, they can still result in impairment or disability including, but not limited to, intellectual deficits, paralysis, and blindness. The Health Promotion Team is paying special attention to injury prevention by encouraging the 4 Wing CommunityRead More

Why poor sleep can be a nightmare

May 26, 2020 at 2:26 pm

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist Most adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep has been established as a fundamental human need which is integral to our health. Despite this, over 1/3 of Canadians have been found to sleep less hours per night than recommended. When it comes to military personnel, an objective analysis found that men, in particular, do not achieve minimal sleep recommendations. This could be a result of aRead More

Sleep for your health

May 5, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist The Health Promotion Department wants you to “Sleep for Your Health!” The May virtual campaign is focusing on sleep: what it is, why you should do it and how to make it a priority. Sleep is one of the fundamental needs for optimal health, much like nutrition and physical activity. The National Sleep Foundation’s recommendations state that adults between the ages of 18 to 64 should sleep seven to nineRead More

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Get ready for winter! It’s here to stay for a while

November 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist The first day of winter is officially December 21. Despite this, many people would argue that winter has already arrived in Cold Lake. There is a blanket of white covering our lawns, albeit not yet a thick blanket. The roads have already seen sand thrown on them to combat against icy patches. The temperature has dipped quite low, forcing some of us to pull out winter coats from our closetsRead More

Kick Tobacco to the Curb

January 29, 2019 at 8:40 am

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist Are you a current smoker or tobacco user? Are you ready to make a change for the better? The Health Promotion Department is launching the 4 Wing Tobacco Challenge to help you do just that! As part of a team composed of one quitter and up to three supporters, you can make a difference for yourself, your comrades, and the Wing. Based on data from 1 Dental Unit, the tobaccoRead More

Winter is Coming

November 20, 2018 at 9:54 am

Lisa Fisher, Health Promotion Specialist Winter is coming. Oh wait! It’s already here! November has arrived and with it, Cold Lake has been provided with plenty of snow and cold temperatures. To add to it, our clocks changed, and the hours of daylight are slowly diminishing. Some of us here at 4 Wing love the winter, while others dread it. An estimated 2-3% of the general population suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Although SADRead More