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The 4 Wing Cold Lake Defence Team and members of the Lakeland community participate at the Remembrance Day ceremony that was held at the Cold Lake Energy Centre in Alberta on November 11, 2018.  L’équipe de la Défense de la 4e Escadre Cold Lake et des membres de la communauté participe au Jour du Souvenir au « Cold Lake Energy Centre » en Alberta, le 11 novembre 2018.
Photo by LS Lisa Sheppard, 4 Wing Imaging

“We are grateful” Cold Lake commemorates the centennial of the Armistice

November 13, 2018 at 10:45 am

CHRISTOPHER KING Cold Lake’s Energy Centre was filled with silence on Sunday for the centennial anniversary of the armistice of World War 1. On Nov. 11, 2018, veterans, current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), members from organizations such as Scouts Canada, Cadets Canada, and local emergency services, gathered to witness the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 211’s ceremony held in conjunction with 4 Wing and the City of Cold Lake. The ceremony openedRead More

Canada’s Hundred Days – Backgrounder

November 6, 2018 at 10:10 am

VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA On August 8, 1918, Allied forces on the Western Front launched a major offensive against the German lines near the town of Amiens, France. The Battle of Amiens marked the beginning of Canada’s Hundred Days and the last three months of the First World War. During this period a series of impressive Canadian Corps victories on the Western Front solidified their reputation as elite shock troops. Following the success of the CanadianRead More

10 quick facts on the First World War

November 6, 2018 at 10:06 am

VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA 1. The First World War began on August 4, 1914, with the Triple Entente (United Kingdom, France and Russia) and other nations (e.g., Canada and Australia) against the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy). However, Italy refused to join in the war effort and instead, in May 1915, it aligned with Britain and France and declared war against Germany and Austria-Hungary. 2. Canadians saw their first major action at Ypres on AprilRead More

Canada Enters the War. 
Veterans Affairs Canada

Canada Enters the War

November 6, 2018 at 8:55 am

VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA The fact that Canada was automatically at war when Britain was at war in 1914 was unquestioned as from coast to coast, in a spirit of almost unbelievable unanimity, Canadians pledged support for Britain. Sir Wilfrid Laurier spoke for the majority of Canadians when he proclaimed: “It is our duty to let Great Britain know and to let the friends and foes of Great Britain know that there is in Canada butRead More