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The Courier News provides relevant and interesting information to the Defense Team of 4 Wing Cold Lake and their families with information pertaining to the military, as well as the local community. Tap into Cold Lake’s niche SPENDING POWER with an online web ad!


Top Rotating Banner $300/month
Beside Logo, left or right $275/month
Under Menu Rotating Banner $250/month
Centre Page $225/month
Above Footer $200/month
Content Pages Side Bar $250/month
Article Placement Ad: Square $200/month (placed in 8 articles/month)
Article Placement Ad: Horizontal $175/month (placed in 8 articles/month)

*Incentive rates available for multiple bookings! Rates do not include GST

Advertising Guidelines:

In compliance with Canadian privacy regulations, advertisements cannot solicit or collect, or appear to solicit or collect, any personally identifiable information from website visitors. We reserve the right to suspend any creative that is deemed to negatively affect site performance or user experience.

Advertisement Submission:

The Courier News can design your advertisement free of charge or if sending in artwork, please be sure to provide a .jpg or .png RBG file to the proper specifications above. Please include the URL address for the website you would like your ad to link to.

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