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 Stockings, snowmen and more adorn the mailboxes at 4 MSS CR – Photo by Janae Wandler / The Courier News 

The 2022 Courier News Christmas Office Decorating Challenge is celebrating 20 years of fantastic holiday displays in the workspaces around 4 Wing.

Nine different offices entered the competition. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the honorable mentions from this year’s yuletide tournament!

4 Wing Telecommunications and Information Services (TIS) Desktop Support

This year, 4 Wing TIS Desktop Support entered a fun, festive, and creative look at the holiday season, even featuring a character from the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas! Of memorable note was the wreath made of old floppy discs (ask your kids what they are for a laugh) and an appearance by Jack Skellington himself, decked out in 4 Wing TIS gear! Well done, 4 Wing TIS! 

4 Mission Support Squadron (MSS) Central Registry

4 MSS Central Registry put a twist on an old favourite by hanging the stockings with care not next to the fireplace but the mailboxes instead! Also included were some beautiful ornaments on the traditional Tanenbaum and decorations including a trainset on the filing cabinet. Traditional and fun!  

4 Mission Support Squadron (MSS) TEME Flight GPV section

The GPV section office had judges looking around and even up to take in the holiday cheer! Highlights from their festive display included a beautiful tree with presents waiting to be opened and a few holiday characters falling out of the ceiling tiles. They must have been looking for any way to get in and enjoy the holidays!

Capt Jeong’s office, 410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron (410 TFS (OT))

It was a little bit of holly and jolly mixed with a bit of surprise for Capt Jeong at 410 TFS (OT). He decided to take some leave and his coworkers took that opportunity to spread some holiday cheer by decorating his office for him for his return!

While eventually some of the decorations had to be removed for Capt Jeong to properly perform his work, we applaud the effort and commend both him and his coworkers for reinforcing the giving aspect of this season (even if your coworker has no idea it’s coming.)

Keep following The Courier News as next we’ll take a look at the runner-ups and later we’ll announce the winner of the 2022 Courier News Christmas Office Decorating Challenge!

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