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The 2023 Wing Commander’s Wellness Challenge – Supplied Photo

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The 4 Wing 2023 Wing Commander’s Wellness Challenge (WCWC) is on and looking for a group to take a Buddy Break.

The 4 Wing Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Fitness and Sports team says as part of the challenge, members will take short breaks throughout the day to exercise.

“The WCWC team brainstormed a few ideas throughout the year and produced a challenge that we thought would be a hit,” Fitness Coordinator Hannah Penn explains.

“Units have recently expressed that Op tempo is high, and members feel busier than ever, with unit morale being a concern. Listening to our members’ comments, we presented the Buddy Break idea – playing off the classic Body Break campaign with Hal and Joanne that many Canadians can recall.”

The challenge began on July 10th and will run for eight weeks. Units will be divided into brackets based on size and compete to accumulate the most points.

Points will be awarded for both participant numbers and the number of Buddy Breaks taken, which rewards both large participation and frequency. Penn says competing for the prize will be worth it, although the prize hasn’t been announced yet.

“This challenge is all about taking Healthy Breaks that involve physical activity or mindfulness. Some examples could be going for a walk outside, climbing the staircase in the office, doing a meditation, or a group stretch – but the catch is doing it with a buddy.”

“On Wellness Wednesdays, PSP may pop by your workplace to promote the challenge, bringing the Buddy Break Boxes along that are filled with some equipment that could make the challenge more fun (frisbees, mobility gear, volleyballs etc.).”

Participating is as easy as snapping a picture of your Buddy Break, and sending it to by Sunday every week. Pictures are asked to be labelled with the Buddy Break date, unit, and number of buddies in the picture.

“We update the Buddy Break Board at the Col JJ Parr Sports Centre every Wednesday, where you can see which units are in the lead,” adds Penn.

“10 minutes is all you need to participate! A special thanks to The Personal for their support in supplying prizes for this challenge!”

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