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Captain Daniel Cake serves up some bacon for Captain Marla Haring during the Pancake Breakfast held at the Officer’s Mess to kick off the annual Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign at 4 Wing back in 2018 – Image by Cpl J.W.S. Houck, 4 Wing Imaging

A slew of ways to help out a number of charities is being planned as the 4 Wing Charity Campaign looks to kick off soon.

The 2022 campaign marks the eighth anniversary since the Government of Canada Workplace Charity Campaign (GCWCC) began in 2015.

Captain Christopher Ouellette is the 4 Wing Charity Coordinator. He says the goals this year are based on both participation and funds raised.

“This year we’re looking to get 100% canvassing from the units. Last year we were able to raise a total of around $16,000, so this year we’ll be looking to beat that number.”

Fundraising events this year at 4 Wing include a parking spot auction, a CF-18 pull, summer yard sale and others. A bottle drive is currently on the docket to begin in the next few weeks.

“We had to move the bottle drive back a bit due to the current COVID climate,” explains Ouellette. “It was supposed to start in January but it looks like we’ll start it closer to the end of February.”

Members will be able to find drop-off points around the Wing where their bottles will be taken to the local bottle depot, with all proceeds going to the 4 Wing Charity Fund.

“Some of the events are designed to have members interact and socialize, so we may see some format changes due to COVID. We’re hoping to be able to do everything but some of the events may be modified,” adds Ouellette.

“For individuals with questions about the GCWCC or the local yearly campaign, individuals are encouraged to speak to their unit reps about specifics, or they may reach out to myself.”

The GCWCC raised $29.5 million to assist 5600 charities ranging from familial access to food banks and shelters, after school programs, and assisting Canadians with disabling and life-threatening diseases in the year 2020.

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