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The 4 Wing MFRCS offers out-of-school care – Stock Photo

Back-to-school for both parents and children at 4 Wing usually means a change in the day-to-day schedule, and for some families, before-and-after school care may be needed.

The 4 Wing Military Family Resource Centre Society (4 Wing MFRCS) offers out-of-school care to children attending Art Smith Aviation Academy at CFB Cold Lake.

“We have two separate rooms for ages 5 to 12,” says 4 Wing MFRCS Acting Childcare Coordinator Karen Potts. “So that is Kindergarten up to Grade Six. It’s a great space to have the children play and participate in some different activities, transitioning them from the school day to home time.”

Before-school care begins on school mornings at 6 AM until 8:30 AM, while after school starts when the bell rings at 3:15 PM and runs until 6 PM.

“When it comes to pick-up time, some parents are there right away, but we understand that some parents may be working and aren’t going to arrive until later,” adds Potts.

The MFRCS offers both a part-time and full-time option for care if parents only need either a morning or afternoon space. Both feature different costs for the school year. Also offered is a casual option, which would see students dropping by only on that day.

“Anybody who is registered in the out-of-school care program will have the first opportunity for care on a full-day program in the event of a ‘No-school’ day,” says Potts.

Spaces in the program are limited and do fill up. Parents are then put on a waitlist for a spot to open up for their child.

More information on the MFRCS out-of-school care program, including a list of fees for its use, is found on the CAFconnection website.



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