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On December 11, 2022, 4 Wing Pipes and Drums (special guest players) pose at the Cold Lake Energy Centre before the 4 Wing Band Christmas Concert – Supplied Photo

Without question, most Canadians will know what they hear when they hear a Pipes and Drums band, a sound instantly recognizable from near and far (yes, they are loud!). A combination of droning and melodic bagpipes, crisp and rhythmic snare drums, and a booming cadence setting bass drum: this ensemble is both unique and versatile. Many people can remember a specific occasion when they heard the Pipes and Drums, and it is often the Pipes and Drums that invoke a memory of an occasion. Weddings, funerals, festivals, parades, Highland Games, concerts, memorials, graduations, birthdays, sporting events, military events, the list goes on. If you have never heard them before, check out the iconic movie Braveheart, some classic AC/DC music, or peruse the limitless offerings on YouTube. For a more personal experience, the Pipes and Drums are often heard live in our own community – The 4 Wing Pipes and Drums. 

The 4 Wing Pipes and Drums is a volunteer group comprised of community members who are committed to the preservation and presentation of this music tradition. Individuals from many walks of life: engineer, administrator, financial specialist, youth leader, technician, food service specialist, and first responder are some of our musicians. Perhaps you have heard one or all of them throughout the many years performing in the Canada Day and Santa Clause parades, the opening of sporting events, military parades, the annual Remembrance Day service and much more. The band continues to provide this unique and versatile capability, eagerly seeking opportunities to perform for the public.

If you think a Pipes and Drums Band would be appropriate for your event, you are likely correct. If you have any experience playing the bagpipes or drums, military or civilian, you are welcome to give the 4 Wing Pipes and drums a try. Being good musicians and ambassadors for the community is our goal, enjoying what we do comes naturally.

For more information, please contact Major Karl Braschuk at 780-840-8000 ext 7702 /, or Corporal Dax Mansfield at 780-840-8000 ext 8871 /

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