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Canadian Armed Forces members enjoy a pancake breakfast on October 28th at the All-Ranks Kitchen at 4 Wing – Photo by Mike Marshall / The Courier News 

If you’re looking for a spot to fill up with a great meal at different times of the day, the All Ranks Kitchen at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake is the answer. Located just off Queensway Avenue, the kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to guests.

The All Ranks Kitchen – Photo by Mike Marshall / The Courier News

“Anyone can access the All Ranks Kitchen to purchase a meal,” explains 4 Wing Deputy Wing Food Services Officer MWO Robert Armes. “On average we feed 600 members a month. However, come summer periods that can rise closer to 1200-plus.”

The food at the All Ranks Kitchen comes from the Canadian Armed Forces menu, created in Ottawa. It is varied and changes up to offer guests a different taste every day.

“We follow Canada’s Food Guide and we do accommodate vegetarian, and we provide what is considered to be a healthier meal choice,” adds Armes. “We cannot however accommodate Therapeutic Diets and Common Food Allergies and Intolerances. We will try our best to let the diner know what is in a product but that is as far as we can go.”

The kitchen opens up at 6:30 AM Monday through Friday every weekday for breakfast, switching to a lunch menu at 11:30 AM and a dinner menu at 4:30 PM.


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