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The 4 Wing Health Promotion (HP) department is anxious to show off the 4 Wing virtual BALANCE Library. The library provides educational video sessions on-demand on subjects the CAF Physical Performance strategy has identified as Performance 4 (P4) Behaviours: Move More, Sleep Well, Eat Better and Train Right.

Physical performance is an essential component of operational readiness. Research indicates that, to perform at your best, you need to be trained and fit, properly fueled, well-rested, and free from injury. Therefore, members can do their part to maintain operational readiness by being active, eating healthy, adopt proper sleep habits or training safely and the BALANCE Library can help.



The virtual Library is an idea that has come about as a result of COVID-19 but the team also sees the project as a way for personnel to access resources when they are not be able to visit the HP team in person.

Work on the BALANCE Library is an ongoing process. In the Move More portal, participants can take advantage of virtual fitness classes in yoga, body conditioning, Fit in 15 sessions, HIIT and FORCE conditioning. The Sleep Well portal has a seven-part series called Sleep and You.

The Eat Better portal is offering Rediscovering Wellness. This series contains 12 videos that discuss everything from Canada’s Food Guide to decoding food labels to how to shop like a pro. A series on Performance Nutrition will launch at the end of summer. Currently, staff are working on a two-part mental resiliency series as part of the Train Right portal. That series is due to go live in the fall.

Videos are between five to 30 minutes long and even though the project is geared toward military members, everyone can benefit from the information found in this library.

You can view the 4 Wing virtual BALANCE Library by going to

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