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Effective February 5, 2024, all members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) should submit their grievances using a new digital grievance submission form. The digital form allows members who do not have access to a work computer to file a grievance from a personal device.

Please note that to submit the new digital grievance form from a personal device, CAF members will need to sign-in through a D365 account. See the D365 Onboarding Guides for more information about how to access these accounts.

The goal of this form is to reduce barriers to the submission process and streamline the grievance process for CAF members. The digital grievance form is the first of many changes that will be implemented in the coming months for CAF grievances. This is part of a broader effort to modernize all DND/CAF complaints systems through the Complaints Process Transformation project, happening over the coming years.

The new digital grievance form, developed and managed by Chief Professional Conduct and Culture (CPCC), is an important first step in our complaints modernization efforts, which includes the grievance process. It was developed to address concerns that CAF members have raised regarding delays with their grievances. Making the grievance submission process digital will help to further standardize processes and the information that grievors provide, which will facilitate quicker reviews and resolution of grievances.

Prior to submitting a grievance, CAF members are invited to first discuss their circumstances with their respective Chain of Command (CoC) or contact their local Conflict and Complaint Management Services (CCMS) office to receive support and information. CCMS agents are trained and equipped to offer CAF members support when they are submitting a formal complaint or dealing with conflict.

CAF members are also encouraged to seek out an Assisting Member for additional guidance and support throughout the grievance process. It remains the responsibility of a Commanding Officer (CO) to ensure that each grievor is offered the assistance of an Assisting Member at the earliest available moment.

For any member of the CAF who wishes to become an Assisting Member, training is available on the Defence Learning Network (accessible only on the DWAN network). The course is approximately four hours long and contains additional information on the new digital submission process. All CAF members are strongly encouraged to complete this course.

Modernizing our complaints processes, including the grievance process, is a key component of our culture evolution efforts. We are working hard to make it easier for all CAF members to access a range of services and find the best recourse options available to them. An effective system ensures that affected persons are provided with support and access to recourse options that best address their needs. It also helps hold people accountable for their actions within a process that is transparent and fair.

CAF members with a complaint of sexual harassment or discrimination on the basis of sex can file a complaint directly with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Anyone within the Defence Team affected by sexual misconduct can also contact the Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Centre (SMSRC) to get support, resources, and information.

Any questions or feedback regarding the new digital grievance submission process can be directed to the grievance project positional mailbox at:

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