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A poster for the Cold Lake Museums National Truth and Reconciliation Day activities – Photo from the Cold Lake Museums/ Facebook



The Cold Lake Museums will open their doors on September 30th for a special day that aims to raise funds for the rebuilding of a local men’s shelter.

The museums say their doors will be open on National Truth and Reconciliation Day and, although admission on the day is free, they will be collecting cash donations for the rebuilding of Kokum’s House. The house was originally opened July 1. 2015 and meant for the temporary stay for men until they found work, a home, or moved on.

On March 14th, 2020, Kokum’s House burned down, with one resident perishing in the blaze.

“September 30th is Canada’s National Truth and Reconciliation Day.  The day is to recognize and remember the sorrowful history of cultural and moral harm done to members of the Indigenous communities across Canada and to help us all make peace with the past and move forward in truth, trust and unity,” said the museums in a post on Facebook.

“We will be open for everyone to come up, reflect and learn how we can bring reconciliation into our own lives.”

The museums will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM

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