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The 4 Wing Crest – File Photo

4 Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Reserve Flight Cold Lake is a Total Force organization that is integral to 4 Wing Cold Lake. Air Reservists are actively employed in most units/sections belonging to 4 Wing and contribute alongside their Regular Force colleagues to the mission of the Wing and the Air Force.

The first Air Reserve Flight was formed in 1975. The Air Reserve Flight concept was developed to meet the requirement for a cadre of trained personnel that are available to augment the Regular Force in the event of mobilization during emergencies. The Air Reserve Flights recruit, train, qualify and assign members for employment. In fulfilling this role, Reservists in technical and support trades are employed in direct support of Operations and Support Services.

The 4 RCAF Reserve Flight Orderly Room provides administrative support to all Air Reservists at 4 Wing Cold Lake through appropriate chains of command. The 4 RCAF Reserve Flight leadership is responsible for maintaining the establishment and developing associated procedures dealing with enrolment, pay, benefits, career progression, releases and maintenance of personnel files on all 4 RCAF Reserve Flight members on 4 Wing’s strength. The 4 RCAF Reserve Flight staff also provides  advice and administrative expertise on all Air Reserve issues.

4 RCAF Reserve Flight is located in Building 1, 2nd Floor, Room 202.

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