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The PSP Cold Lake team is the heart of Recreation, Fitness and well-being for 4 Wing. This diverse team encompasses Health Promotion, Messes (Club 41, Officer’s Mess, WOSM), Corporate Services (Including Courier), Community Recreation and Fitness & Sports. Utilizing this whole team, we organize and heavily support events for the entire community such as the annual Volksmarch and Oktoberfest and CAF Sports Day as well as the biennial Cold Lake Air Show. We strive to serve those who serve and uphold CFMWS’s Mission and Values.


The Health Promotion Department provides personal skill development among members, advocates for and assists with environmental change, and promotes health and wellness among all workplaces on the Wing. This is done through health education (e.g., courses, customized briefings and presentations) and innovating programming such as the UGrow Program (Greenhouse, Tower Gardens and Community Garden), Canteen Project, Sleep Project, and Unit Heath Promotion Rep Network.



4 Wing Messes retain a functional role in providing inclusive programming and social opportunities for the all ranks membership structure. With the facilitation of virtual and in-person functions and operations, the messes enhance the esprit de corps of units, enabling an atmosphere of good fellowship for the all ranks membership at 4 Wing. The Mess team actively integrates the surrounding Cold Lake community to foster a sense of place across the membership, bringing in local vendors and services to support individual and familial integration. Advocating for cohesion and unity across the 4 Wing membership is a pinnacle focus, and the Mess team continues to be a part of this mobilization.


Corporate Services’ role is to provide members and their families with information pertaining to the military, as well as the local community. This is accomplished through the Courier News website and social media pages, as well as the production of the annual Welcome to 4 Wing Cold Lake guide. Corporate Services also solicits donations and sponsorship for community events. This enables PSP to host a variety of events that are free or significantly reduced in cost to the military community.

Recreation is for all ages! The 4 Wing Community Recreation Department strives to provide quality recreation programs, events, clubs and services to everyone in the community. The Recreation team supports the 4 Wing community by offering a variety of classes and programs throughout the day as well as evenings and weekends, so everyone has a chance to attend. Some of these programs include craft classes, Open Play and Aquafit. A few services we offer include bus trips, day camps, RV Compound storage, and a campground. One of our larger events, in collaboration with the City of Cold Lake and the MD of Bonnyville, is the annual Family Day Event. The 4 Wing Recreation Department also encompasses the aquatics team and community pool, which is available for members to train, take classes or use for public and family swims.

PSP Fitness and Sports complements the 4 Wing mission by ensuring that the defence team are physically and mentally ready to deploy.  We focus on the people, which is paramount to mission success.  By providing top notch physical fitness and reconditioning programs, such as unit PT and individualized training plans we assist members in reaching their goals of being deployable, employable and able to enjoy their lives outside of work to the fullest.  The robust Military Sports program teaches members leadership and team work, while boosting morale and esprit de corps of our serving members.  Defending our National and Global interests is a tough job, by putting people first, PSP has a huge impact on mission readiness and success.


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