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4 Wing will celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27th – Supplied Photo 

4 Wing will be hosting a celebration of multiculturalism in a picture-perfect way.

On June 27th, members of the 4 Wing community are invited to Heritage Park at the Front Gate for a photo shoot highlighting the diversity of the Wing and to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day.  The day is being hosted by 4 Wing’s Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group (DVMAG).

“All 4 Wing Defence Team members (Mil, DND Civilian, and NPF) are authorized to wear cultural dress of their choosing to work for the day,” says the group. “However, if required for the conduct of specific tasks (e.g. Flying, a/c maint, refueling etc.), they will need to wear appropriate Canadian Forces-issued clothing until the task is complete. Traditional clothing is encouraged, but not required.”

Members of the 4 Wing Command Team are scheduled to join in on the celebration of diversity. The meet-up time has been set for 9 AM.

Canadian Multiculturalism Day began on November 13, 2002, with the Government of Canada, by Royal Proclamation, designated June 27 of each year as an opportunity to celebrate our diversity, commitment to democracy, equality, and mutual respect for Canadians of all backgrounds.

Members are encouraged to reach out to their 4 Wing DVMAG representatives for more information.

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