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A couple of months ago, I went to the annual physical test: “the force test.” Soon after that, I did the medical 1 and 2. These tests came out well, and I look forward to improving on them the next time. However, one test that we as members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are not mandated to go to is a “spiritual test.” Studies show that, being in tune with one’s spiritual self is paramount in achieving the optimal performance of other aspects of the human person.

The reason the Royal Canadian Chaplaincy Services (RCChS) exists, is to always support members and CAF with the spiritual, moral and ethical care. Along this line, the Chaplaincy service has developed a continuum that helps members asses their spiritual fitness. This resource is called the “Spiritual Fitness Performance Continuum.”

One mistake people make today whenever the word “spiritual” is mentioned is to think about religion. However, the word spiritual has to do with “meaning to life, connectivity to others, and life purpose.” [1] In as much as religion and spirituality are related, they are not the same. So, as members of CAF the following will help us keep spiritually fit:

  1. Engaging with one’s life’s meaning and purpose.
  2. Integrating morals, core values and beliefs.
  3. Being hope-filled about life and future.
  4. Being capable to forgive oneself and others.
  5. Recognizing and respecting the values of others and diversity in beliefs.
  6. Cultivating positive relationships and a sense of belonging.
  7. Connecting to one’s world view and / or what one believes is Sacred.
  8. Thriving and growing from inner conflict/ struggles.

These are the simple steps members can use to know if they are in the red zone, orange, yellow, or the green zones in their spiritual health. Meanwhile, life is full of surprises, hence, each individual is responsible for keeping spiritually healthy, just as we all keep physically fit.


[1] Cheryl Green; Spiritual Health First Aid for Self-Care

Spiritual Health First Aid for Self-Care – PMC (

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