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Work on Phase 3 of construction begins at Kinosoo Beach today, continuing the implementation of council’s vision for the area.

The work will include the installation of shade structures, the construction of a promenade, landscaping and irrigation, as well as additional lighting and seating.

“This is the third phase in what will likely be a four-phase project to complete the vision outlined in the Kinosoo Beach Master Plan,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “The beach has always been a major focal point of the community’s summer activities and has come such a long way since we’ve adopted the master plan. This phase will see a great improvement moving east from where we left off, and should create much more functional space in areas of the beach that are probably being underutilized right now.”

While the first two phases of the work at the beach brought new facilities and amenities, the third phase focuses more on beautifying the space and maximizing the usefulness of the affected area. Landscaping work will include the creation of a grass mound that will allow better views of a stage for performances. Shade structures will provide comfortable space for more beachgoers while a new retaining wall and promenade will provide easier access to the beach while also updating the aesthetics.

The project is planned to be completed in time for the Canada Day celebrations this year.

The Kinosoo Beach Master Plan was adopted in 2014, and construction of the splash park began the very next year. The first phase of the master plan was implemented in 2016. The second phase of expansion was awarded the Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association in 2018.

“We don’t want to create plans that will sit on a shelf and collect dust – we plan so that we can improve the community effectively and efficiently,” Copeland said. “It’s extremely encouraging to see that this plan was implemented so quickly, that council’s ambitious vision for the beach is truly taking shape, and that staff have been recognized for the work they do to make it all happen.”

More information about this project, as well as other capital projects planned for 2022, can be found on the City’s website at

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