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Corporal Cassandra Foley, a member of the 4 Wing Band – Supplied Photo

Tuning up the Band showcases the members that make up the 4 Wing Band. These submitted articles give the band members an opportunity to showcase their history with the group, as well as explain what makes the band so special to them.

“I joined the band because a friend of mine recruited me.”

Cassandra Foley plays the flute for the 4 Wing Band.

“I’ve played the flute for years and I missed it! Being a member of the 4 Wing Band brightens my day.”

“My motivation is getting to know some of the other military members outside of work and to be a part of something that boosts the morale of the players and those we play for.”

When she’s not playing music, Foley works as an Avionics Systems Technician with 410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron.

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