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The Officer’s Mess at 4 Wing in Cold Lake is just one of the spaces looking forward to welcoming back guests after a few difficult years, says the mess management team – Photo by Mike Marshall / The Courier News 

The 4 Wing Mess team says they’re looking forward to seeing the smiles on faces as they welcome back guests.

After a few years of dealing with restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the messes at 4 Wing have received some upgrades and staff are looking forward to welcoming back patrons with some incredible events for the whole family. The mess crews have been hard at work, with some cleaning, renovations, and other projects on the Officer’s Mess, Warrant Officer’s and Sergeant’s Mess, and All-Ranks.

“The messes have been painted and reorganized,” says 4 Wing Mess Manager Chloe Bouchard. “The team has been working hard to re-decorate and clean out corners. We’re finding new ways to use spaces.”

“Some other projects include bathroom enhancements, moving of furniture, new art pieces, and some other fun upgrades for our patrons. We want to re-establish a reputation for the messes and offer more family-friendly events.”

The mess team is hosting a welcoming party of sorts to show off the upgrades. On September 10th, an “All-Ranks, All-Out Celebration” will take place at the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess (WOSM) featuring a $5 BBQ dinner.

“This is a way to cover some of the events we missed in the past few years due to the COVID outbreak,” explains Bouchard. “It will take place over at the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess (WOSM), starting at 1 PM. We’ll open up the bar and have the patio open and there will also be kids’ games.”

“It will also be a way for us to introduce more events for the future, like craft nights, paint nights, and having the all-ranks evenings on Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

The mess spaces are again open for events like weddings, parties, and other functions. Those can be arranged through the 4 Wing Mess Function Coordinator, Sara Ashley Hayes.

The messes will also be hosting a General Membership Meeting (GMM) on September 23rd, which will be held at each member’s respectable mess.




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