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4 Wing Commander Colonel Dave Moar gives a thumbs-up as he receives his flu shot at 22 CF Health Service Centre on Tuesday – Photo by Mike Marshall 

Flu shot season has kicked off at 4 Wing. On Tuesday, 4 Wing Commander Colonel Dave Moar was the recipient of shot number one to help start the fall campaign to get members vaccinated against influenza.

“Despite the low levels of influenza we experienced last year, the flu remains a disruptive and unpredictable threat to the health of our members and families,” said Col Moar.  “We need our team to be as healthy as possible, both for their own well-being and for the assurance of our important missions here at 4 Wing.  Getting the flu shot provides an important layer of defence against preventable illness and I encourage all of our members to get vaccinated.”

Major Valerie MacEachern, CO of 22 CF Health Services, receives her flu shot – Photo by Mike Marshall

22 CF Health Service Centre Primary Care Nurse Deb Carbonneau says starting on October 18th, CAF members can bring their immunization books and receive their shots at a walk-in clinic.

“Members will present to the CDU and state they are coming for the flu clinic. They will then be COVID screened, and proceed to the east end of the clinic to attend the walk-in flu clinic. [They] will be required to complete a screening questionnaire prior to receiving their shot. There will be 3 vaccination stations sectioned 6 feet apart where they will receive their vaccination. A primary immunizer or assistant immunizer will administer the flu vaccine, and the member will be monitored 15 minutes after vaccination.”

The walk-in clinics will run on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0930-1145 and 1300-1500.

“Getting our influenza vaccine will help to decrease our risk of contracting influenza.  Not only will it help protect us, but it will help to protect our loved ones and others in the community, particularly those at highest risk,” said LCdr Chet Mecham, Wing Surgeon, 4 Wing Cold Lake. “Especially during this time of COVID, getting our influenza vaccine will help to decrease the need for isolation and thus increase operational effectiveness. The influenza vaccine is safe and effective and is recommended for all CAF members.”

Booked appointments will also be available. 22 CF Health Service Centre says after November 4th, shots will be available with the Community Health Nurse by appointment only.


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