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New Renovation done in RHU 566 for 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta – Photo: Cpl Brock Curtis, 4 Wing Imaging

This year marks the Canadian Forces Housing Agency’s (CFHA) 25th anniversary. As many know, CFHA is responsible for all things related to the residential housing units (RHUs) on Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) bases across Canada. From ensuring houses are properly maintained, conducting repairs and renovations, to supporting members moving in and out of their homes, CFHA is there to provide a wide variety of services.

The Command Team recently took a visit through some of the RHUs to take a look at the work that has been done by the CFHA team. It really is a team effort in determining what maintenance is required, what renovations are to be done, deciding on the layout and materials, and coordinating the contractors to complete the work.

Housing Service Centre Cold Lake has been working hard to conduct various renovations and upgrades to the RHUs. Fiscal year 2021/2022 will see 100 roof replacements on houses and garages, installation of 250 metal fences, 50 concrete patio slabs, 11 whole home renovations, and more!

Cold Lake has 703 RHUs on base and there is currently no wait list, which means anyone who applies for an RHU will be able to get one.

Visit the military housing webpage to learn more about the CFHA and RHU options.


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