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A CT-114 Tutor gets taken apart to make it’s journey to Trenton, Ontario to be turned into a Snowbird – Photos by Cpl Connie Valin, 4 Wing Imaging

A piece of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) history has left 4 Wing on an exciting adventure.

Last week the final CT-114 Tutor aircraft in Cold Lake, number 114106, was loaded onto a truck, as it made its journey to Trenton and eventually 15 Wing Moose Jaw to be used as a part of the famed Snowbirds demonstration team.

A CT-114 Tutor gets taken apart to make it’s journey to Trenton Ontario to be turned into a Snowbird – Cpl Connie Valin, 4 Wing Imaging

WO Michael Le Brasceur is Deputy Aircraft Maintenance Officer with the Snowbirds, officially 431 Air Demonstration Squadron. He says the aircraft will be spruced up and added to the fleet.

“The aircraft in question will be starting a new life as a Snowbird following a periodic and paint. As it had suffered some damage during a hailstorm it needed to be disassembled for shipment.”

He says it was at 4 Wing “for a long time” as a part of the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE).

“The aircraft was a weather check and test aircraft for AETE. A previous recovery attempt was made but due to the onset of COVID was unsuccessful and the crew was required to return to Moose Jaw without the aircraft.”

This won’t be the first time this particular aircraft serves as a Snowbird. According to an online record dedicated to Canadian Tutor aircraft, 114106 was Snowbird number 13 during the 2004 season.

“Classified as Instructional Airframe A712 at time of renumbering, returned to flying status on 16 August 1976.  Operated by 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.” reads the listing for the aircraft.

The RCAF used the CT-114 Tutor as its primary jet trainer from 1963 until it was retired in 2000. 431 Air Demonstration Squadron flies 11 of them as Snowbirds this season, with others used as back-ups or in storage.


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