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Spring has sprung! It is time for the snow to be melted (unfortunately this is not yet the case here in Cold Lake), for the grass to soon be turning green, for the birds to begin making nests, and for nature to take a sigh of relief as it comes out of the great deep freeze. Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth.

Most of us have things in our lives we would like to change. Some of us have things we would like to add. A new hobby, spending more time with family, working towards a new fitness goal, or gaining a new skill are all examples of healthy changes that can be made this spring. Consider your own life for a moment. Is there something that you would like to begin this spring which would bring health and fulfillment into your life and the lives of those closest to you? My family and I decided that this spring (as soon as the snow melts) we would purchase a garden plot at the Energy Center Community Gardens. Growing our own vegetables and working alongside other community members, we think, will be a healthy and fun way to get outside and enjoy our community.

Spring isn’t just a time to start something new; it’s a good time to get rid of the old. Sometimes our lives need a spring cleaning as much as our houses! Is there an unhealthy aspect of your life you would like to change? Is there something unhealthy you could get rid of to make room for something new? Spring is the perfect time to make a positive life change decision. Interestingly, the history of spring cleaning in North America stems from our climate (thank you Wikipedia). Spring was the only time warm enough to open the windows to let the dust out of the house yet cold enough that insects weren’t yet a problem. There is something about spring which gives one the impulse to open things up, shake things out, and clean things up. Think about your life. Is there something external or perhaps internal which you need to open up and shake out?

This spring, whether you are ready to get rid of something old, add something new, or perhaps do a little of both, I would encourage you to take hold of the season and make it happen. Too often we live seasonless lives. We can become trapped in stagnancy. Allow the warm spring air to motivate you to positive change and take hold of something this year which will bring about positive change within your life.

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