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4 Wing PSP Program & Event Sponsorship Opportunities

The 4 Wing Personnel Support Programs (PSP) organization is pleased to offer various opportunities for your organization to show their support for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Defence Team through our many programs, services and events. By becoming a sponsor, you ensure that the programs and services we provide continue to contribute to the health, morale, and quality of life of those who serve. 

There are many advantages to businesses that are willing to invest in their local community and the groups within it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Helping Businesses Engage Specific Demographics
  • Improve a Company’s Reputation
  • Generates Sales Leads
  • Generates Content for Social Media
  • Can be Mutually Beneficial for Businesses and Communities

Please have a look at the below opportunities available.

Aquatics & Lifesaving Programming

At Personnel Support Programs (PSP), we recognize the importance of water safety and education and the role it plays in family and community integration. These customized programs aim to provide the Defence community provisions and access to develop skills, awareness, and advocacy as it pertains to aquatic recreation. Aquatics and Lifesaving sponsorship make it possible for PSP to expand its deliverables, while reducing additional user and equipment fees.

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PSP hosts many wonderful events to help boost the morale of the Defence community. Without support, many of these events couldn’t take place. Some of our most popular events include the Snow Fever Family Day event, the Wing Commander’s Wellness Challenge, Volksmarch, Oktoberfest, and CAF Sports Days.

Download the full package here.

Outdoor Pursuits

At PSP, we provide seasonal programming that capitalize on the Cold Lake region’s outdoor resources and amenities. Being one of the few locations to offer year-round leisure opportunities, PSP aims to provide an easy introduction to outdoor activities through structured programming as a means to educate and enable participation across the Defence community. Sponsorship would help broaden deliverables and allow for those seeking adventure to participate in activities that they would not be able to do so on their own.

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Lifestyle & Nutritional Wellbeing

At PSP, a main focus is to ensure that we are empowering the Defence Team in adopting healthier lifestyles and nutritional awareness as a means to support their overall wellbeing. In doing so, PSP provides education and equipment through a variety of programs and family based initiatives.

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Childhood Development & Youth Resiliencey

At PSP, one of our aims is to help build healthier, stronger families and individuals, which in turn builds a resilient community.

Military kids have unique experiences and life stressors that affect them, such as frequent moves, separations from family, and the risk of the profession of arms. When military kids and families are strong and healthy, Canada’s military personnel can better do their job of protecting Canada and Canadian interests and values, while contributing to international peace and security.

Our wide variety of children and youth programs and activities work towards building self-esteem and provide children skills to help them grow and thrive physically, emotionally and mentally.

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