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Hello. Hi. Bonjour.

My name is Mike and I’ll be looking after the Courier News from now on.

I figured the first piece I should write would be something about me, so that you can understand where your news and information inside the Courier is coming from.

I was born down Highway 28 in Edmonton some thirty years ago. I’ve lived in a few places in my life, some of the names might be familiar like Wainwright and Bonnyville. Others, maybe not so much (Smoky Lake…. anyone?)

My media career started in radio, most recently working at Country 99 here in the Lakeland.

Like many people my age, I can name a grandparent or distant relative that served in the military during the Second World War or perhaps even the Great War. My connection to the military changed when I met my beautiful wife, the daughter of a recently retired officer and former MP right here at 4 Wing.

I learned about how close modern military families are, how they rely on each other as a stable foundation of support, as a trusted neighbour, as a friend, a brother, a sister.

I learned how quickly a posting goes from “I’m moving to 4 Wing” to “4 Wing is my home”.

I’m eager to begin, to meet new faces, to hear great stories, to inform and to help.

My name is Mike, and it’s nice to meet you too.


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