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The WPSO office at 4 Wing, located in the Centennial Building – Photo by Mike Marshall

The job of a Personnel Selections Officer divides into two main areas: In-Service Selection, and Transition.

For In-Service Selection, we are the specialists to address concerns with regards to person-organization and person-job fit, in the context of career changes. With our members, we discuss educational opportunities available to them, as well as counsel on the various programs for occupational transfer (compulsory or voluntary), commissioning, specialty transfer, or the specialty employments available.

Members must meet the requirements for the program they’re applying towards, as well the job/MOSID they’re trying to pursue. The areas we look at are: testing (aptitude, personality batteries, proficiency testing), medical/fitness (categories/specific physical fitness tests), minimum requirements of program and academic and experience requirements of specific trades.

Should a candidate be eligible for a trade (for best determination, book in a career counselling with your local WPSO) and wish to pursue an application, we inform them of the processes, the deadlines, timelines and required documentation for them (all of these are available under the 4 WPSO Website). Once all of this documentation (Memo, DND4495) has been provided, we conduct a variety of interviews, depending on the program, to determine suitability and competitiveness before moving the
file to the boards.

For the WPSO the busiest time of year is between Sept-Dec, as this is when competition deadlines are coming up, files need to be reviewed, interviews need to be conducted, and scoring needs to occur. For the rest of the year is the aforementioned career and educational counselling, as well as assisting members with their transition.


Every military member eventually does take off the uniform, and the WPSO Office is designed to put members in contact with those who will be assisting them in their transition. Whether this be voluntary, or medical, the WPSO is responsible for liaising with Case Managers, SISIP, VAC, Transition Center, and Releases, to ensure that members have a good overall plan moving forward (including a variety of factors such as financial, educational, social, and personal).

The WPSO advises on the benefits the CAF offers members, as well as ensures the member’s education on what’s available to them, or putting them in contact with the service partners. The WPSO can also offer services such as: Resume Review services, Career Transition Workshops, and liaising with Second Career Assistant Network seminars.


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