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For many of us October is a time of reflection. Likely, this past weekend if you were able to spend time with family around the dinner table with a gorgeous thanksgiving meal as centerpiece, you had thoughts of thankfulness and remembrance regarding the past year. For me, the last year was a transition year as I began my journey as a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) chaplain. During one of my chaplain career courses in Borden during the summer, I spent a couple hours walking around Base Borden reminiscing about the Logistics Officer training I completed there over a decade ago. So much has changed in my life over the past eleven years. I have a family now. I’m eleven years older. I’ve developed as a person. At the same time, many things have remained unchanged. As I strolled around Base Borden I was thankful for the many things in my life which have altered, grown, and changed over the years and also thankful for the many things, good things, which have remained the same.

As you reflect on your own life, what things of change are you most thankful for? Are there things in your life which have remained unchanged which you will hold on to into the future? Life has its good and bad, its ups and downs. I hope that as you read this you can focus on some positive things in your life which you are thankful for. I also hope you will challenge yourself to consider things in your life you would like to see changed. Hopefully, a year from now, you will be able to look back in thankfulness for both what had changed and the good things that have remained unchanged.

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