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Second Lieutenant Cammeron Radford training in Red Deer for the upcoming 2023 Ultramarathon in Lethbridge – Supplied Photo

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Second Lieutenant Cammeron Radford is preparing for a 100-kilometer ultramarathon. 4 Wing Public Affairs Officer Sophie Quemeneur recently spoke with him to find out what it takes to compete, and what his goals are for the event.

Interview with Second Lieutenant Cammeron Radford, Ultramarathoner

Capt Quemeneur: Will this be your first ultramarathon? 

2Lt Radford: Yes, this will be my first race above the half-marathon distance and my first ever 100km race. The fastest runners complete a 100 km race in under 8 hours!

Capt Quemeneur: What triggered your interest in ultramarathons?

2Lt Radford: While here at Cold Lake on job training, I was searching for a challenge and something I had never done before. The idea of an endurance-based event always intrigued me but the idea of being able to run 100 km in one go convinced me that it was a challenge worth the effort.

Second-Lieutenant Radford training in Col. J.J Parr complex for the upcoming 2023 Ultramarathon in Lethbridge – Supplied Photo

Capt Quemeneur: When did you start training for the upcoming Lethbridge ultramarathon? 

2Lt Radford My current training cycle began in April. When the idea to run an ultra first crossed my mind in July of last year, I began building an aerobic base, slowly building the number of kilometers that I run every week. April of this year is where I started focusing on some race-specific stuff like dialing in my race nutrition and building some speed and strength in my legs to carry me through the last couple of hours of the race.

Capt Quemeneur How do you train for this event? 

2Lt Radford: My training week is built around four main running days. Day one includes a 10-14km run at race pace. Day two focuses on an interval run where I vary the speed at which I run from kilometer to kilometer. On day two, I’ll also include a leg weightlifting workout following the run. Day three is my long run day where I run anywhere from 30-60km at a leisurely pace. Day four is a recovery run of 14-18km with a focus on form maintenance with tired legs.

Capt Quemeneur: What are you planning next?

2Lt Radford: I will be looking to finish my first race in under 15 hours so that I may qualify for the Western States 100 miles Race next year. 

Capt Quemeneur: Is there anything else you would like to share?

2Lt Radford: I worked with PSP and the Base Nutritionist in preparation, Hannah Penn, Fitness Coordinator at PSP helped me prepare a running program that steadily builds kilometers through my training phases. Brett Mitchelmore, Fitness and Sports Instructor at PSP developed a complimentary strength training program to augment and improve my training. Jasmine Starman, Sports Coordinator at PSP was able to acquire approval for my trip to Lethbridge and helped with the administrative work related to my race. Terri Russell, Registered Dietitian helped me develop a nutrition plan that would support my training requirements. Also, I wouldn’t be able to have the time or motivation to train without my wife Aoife helping me prepare and execute my nutrition and hydration plans during runs! 

For more information about the race: Lost Soul Ultra – Lethbridge, AB Sept 8-9, 2023 – 100 mile, 100 km, 50 km

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