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The Wood Hobby Shop – Supplied Photo

PSP Recreation supports the pursuit of various recreational experiences including hobbies and special interest activities which support the overall wellness of those who participate. Access to special interest activities is often provided by PSP through clubs. One of the amazing clubs we have here at 4 Wing is the Wood Hobby Shop!

4 Wing is lucky to have the largest Wood Hobby Shop in all bases across Canada! The shop houses a large number of tools, machinery, workspaces, and materials. The clubs most used machinery includes the table saws, lathe, sanders and router. Accessing this large equipment through the Wood Hobby Shop can provide financial savings to the members by not having to purchase this equipment themselves. Additionally, having an open space designed for woodworking assists with keeping personal spaces tidy, and provides camaraderie and support during the creative process.  

Although woodworking might seem intimidating for beginners, plenty of help is available! Most of the members began with very little experience and have now mastered the tools and are creating elegant pieces. One member, Bill, has been around for more than twenty years! Bill has been working on creating a rocking horse for his grandchildren over the last couple years! He’s been working on it in between his numerous projects learning as he goes. He enjoys using carving tools and of course honing his skills.

Many current members are very knowledgeable and can teach just about anyone the skills needed for a project. Ian, who’s been in the club for five years, started with zero experience! After weighing the options and shopping around for a new kitchen table, he decided that for quality and price, he would create his own and joined the club to pursue that decision. He succeeded in his goal to create a large river table for his family and fell in love with woodworking from there! Ian now has vast skills as a supervisor that he also enjoys sharing with others interested in learning. His new project which includes glow in the dark pigments is absolutely stunning! 

The club has seen all types of projects throughout the years, everything from epoxy bowls, river tables, sea kayaks, cutting boards, to fantasy furniture! Wood hobby is only limited by your imagination, all skills can be learned! For more information on this amazing club, check out our website at 


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