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The 22 CFHSC tree, voted the winner in the 2022 Festival of Trees held by the 4 Wing Messes team – Photo from the 4 Wing Messes / Facebook 

The votes have been counted and a winner has been picked in the 2022 Festival of Trees, says the 4 Wing Messes team.

Just before the holiday break, the team announced that 22 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (22 CFHSC) had won the competition with their tree. Coming in second was the 4 Operational Support Support (4 OSS) tree and in third place was the tree decorated by 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron (401 TFS).

Decorating of the trees began in late November. They were displayed at Club 41 until December 16th, when the public was invited to stop by and pick which tree was their favorite.

In 3rd place, the 401 TFS tree

Second place finisher, the 4 OSS tree


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