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Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger (sitting left) at the establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division – Photo from the RCAF/ Facebook

On July 22nd, Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and Brigadier-General Mike Adamson, Commander of 3 Canadian Space Division, participated in a ceremony that marked the establishment of the RCAF’s newest Division – 3 Canadian Space Division, at National Defence Headquarters Carling in Ottawa, Ontario.

3 Canadian Space Division is an evolution from the RCAF’s Director General Space organization. As the responsibility for space operations has steadily grown over the last decade,  the space-focused team within the RCAF has been re-organized to meet this expanded scope.

“The space domain is of critical importance, now more than ever, when considering its role in guiding military operations and enabling a vast range of day-to-day activities for Canadians,” explained LGen Meinzinger. “The establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division enables the Royal Canadian Air Force to ensure we have the right organizational structure to continually deliver spaced-based effects across the CAF, while also ensuring we are aligned with our allies who have established similar Space Commands.”

Building on the space initiatives outlined in Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, the establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division recognizes the critical importance of space in all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations and day-to-day activities and is a step forward in protecting Canadian interests in space. This newest RCAF Division will streamline, focus, and improve how space-based capabilities support critical CAF requirements such as communications, command and control, navigation, weather, and situational awareness.

3 Canadian Space Division is projected to employ approximately 175 military and civilian personnel once fully grown in the next few years.

“Space-based capabilities are vital to modern military operations and as such, space must be integrated across the Canadian Armed Forces and steeped in our operational planning,” said General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff. “The establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division marks another step forward in growing the space expertise and capabilities we depend on to successfully and effectively conduct operations.”

The RCAF will remain the functional authority for space for the CAF.

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