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Award winners pose in Club 41 on December 2nd – Photo by Mike Marshall

Some Personnel Support Program (PSP) employees at 4 Wing were highlighted for their efforts recently. The annual Employee Recognition Awards for the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) team members took place the week of November 29th, along with an appreciation week of events.

“This week is for you! In addition to the recognition and service awards being acknowledged in the up-coming days, we have planned a series of activities for individual or group participation. I encourage you to take part in the weeks’ events, being mindful of the COVID parameters in place for your safety. I look forward to hearing the stories, and seeing the photos from these events,” said Gail Sullivan, Senior Manager for PSP at 4 Wing.

Long service employees who were mentioned this year include:

o 5 years
 Katrina Epp, Community Recreation Manager;
 Shaun Usher, Facilities Coordinator;
 Tanya Wiseman, Human Resources Manager;
 Michel Joyal, Sports Stores Tech;
 Sheri Klein, CANEX Manager

o 10 years
 Rob Larson, Deputy Manager;
 Tammy Buchanan, Fitness & Sports Manager

o 15 years
 Marquita Braschuk, NPF Accounting Clerk;
 Tara Hodges, NPF Accounting Clerk

o 25 years
 Charity Simmons, Fitness & Sports Instructor

Other awards handed out include recognitions for teamwork, innovation and leadership, client focus, letters of commendation and other citations.

“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to each of you for your service and dedication to the organization,” added Sullivan.


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