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1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) Commander, Major-General Iain Huddleston (middle) and 4 Wing Commander, Colonel Dave Turenne (left) speak with contractors about the construction of the new Super Hangar being built. Photo taken at Hangar 7, 4 Wing, Cold Lake, on 15 July, 2022. (Photo: Corporal Alex Thornton, 4 Wing Imaging)

4 Wing was host to the first official visit from the new Commander 1 Canadian Air Division (Comd 1 CAD), Major-General Iain Huddleston and the Division Chief Warrant Officer (D CWO), Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Campbell on 14-16 July 2022.

MGen Huddleston and D CWO Campbell began their morning July 15th at the 4 Wing Theatre to welcome special guests of the 2022 Cold Lake Air Show. A select group of Front Line Heroes received special access to the Air Show grounds and practice performances the day before the Air Show as a recognition for all their dedicated work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rest of Friday saw the 1 CAD Command Team discussing updates on the Future Fighter Capabilities Project (FFCP), touring the construction site for the new hangar, and visiting a few squadrons to familiarize MGen Huddleston with 4 Wing and our NORAD mission.

The day concluded with them enjoying the festivities of the Full Throttle Festival on Main Street of Cold Lake.

Saturday MGen Huddleston and D CWO Campbell enjoyed the first day of the 2022 Cold Lake Air Show with 20,000 others, before departing for home.

Col Dave Turenne, 4 Wing Commander, stated that, “MGen Huddleston’s first visit to 4 Wing during the Cold Lake Air Show was the perfect time to showcase the professionalism of the 4 Wing Team and our strong collaboration with our local community partners.”

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