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Lieutenant-Colonel Wong formalizes the commissioning of CFLRS Detachment Borden. He is accompanied by Colonel Michaud, MPGTG Canadian Forces Base Borden Commandant and Chief Warrant Officer Boucher, CFLRS CWO.

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Following the pandemic and the recruitment difficulties encountered, General Wayne Eyre implemented a directive for the regeneration of the Canadian Forces. It is in this context that the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) has developed a detachment which is located at Canadian Forces Base Borden and will be responsible for training candidates to Basic Military Qualification (BMQ). The opening ceremony took place on July 18.

Basic Military Qualification Expert

The CFLRS is the unit responsible for the basic training of all candidates enrolled for the Regular Force, whether as a non-commissioned member or an officer. Given the operational and recruitment needs, the chain of command deemed it appropriate to open a detachment in Borden to increase its capacity and maintain the high standard of training. This new division will therefore be able to train nearly 480 additional people annually. As a bonus, it will be possible to train candidates for the Primary Reserve.

“We have been preparing D (Borden) Division for several months and our members have done an exceptional job in getting the objective done on time,” said CFLRS Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Wong. He adds that thanks to his team, the division is ready to receive the first candidates on August 23.

CFLRS is responsible for overseeing the quality of training so that all candidates achieve the same level of training. Members of the Saint-Jean unit were assigned to the Borden detachment to start the program on solid foundations.

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