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Master Corporal Karine Drolet, a Financial Services Administrator and Claims 2 IC (2nd In Command) checks fund commitment at the 4 Wing Claims Cell at Building 170, 4 Wing Cold Lake – Photo: Aviator Alex Thornton, 4 Wing Imaging

The mission of the 4 Wing Comptroller is to provide advice and guidance on the use of Wing resources in support of operations, expertise in strategic resource planning and professional accounting services. Comprised of six sub-sections, the Wing Comptroller is responsible for key mission areas including Budget Management, Aviation Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (AvPOL), Financial Services, Cashier Services, Travel  Claims Processing and Resource Analysis and Compliance Services (RACS). Each section contributes to achieving the 4 Wing mission in the following ways:

At the heart of the Wing Comptroller team is the Travel & Claims Cell section. Responsible for the front line support to all personnel across CFB Cold Lake they enable the deployment of soldiers, sailors and aviators for temporary duty trips, courses, exercises, and the application of related claims policies. This team enables personnel to carry out various mission objectives by getting them to their duty location and ensuring that they have the financial resources necessary to remain operationally focused.

Unique to 4 Wing, the Budget Management team oversees the $60 million dollar budget used to enable RCAF fighter operations. Centrally located at the 4 Wing HQ they provide support to unit level operators and logisticians for effective public funds management, advice on financial policy, execution of credit card reconciliation and review budgetary reports that ensure to enhanced resource distribution across all units.

The Wing Comptroller AvPOL team manages over $30 million dollars in aircraft fuel annually and is responsible to review and pay all 4 Wing fuel invoices which keeps our planes in the air, domestically and abroad. They provide support to all visiting aircraft, ensuring foreign and domestic external units are properly invoiced in order to safeguard 4 Wing resources.

The Financial Services team supports all 4 Wing and Lodger units through support in completion of setting up Delegations of Authority for respective units at both tactical and operational levels. This team additional provides corporate level services to maintain base operations through oversight of credit card applications, centralized accounts payable, and centralized accounts receivables.

The 4 Wing Cashier Services team processes and manages accountable advances to ensure that personnel preparing for operations are able to manage their ability to remain operationally focused. This team processes claim payments, enable emergency pay advances, is the centralized location for the safeguard of public funds and maintains the ability provide services anytime and anywhere.

The 4 Wing Resource Analysis and Compliance Services team is the foundation of credibility in the use of public funds for operations. This team ensures all sections and units are compliant with financial regulations and that they financial transparency. Routine verifications are completed across Wing and Lodger units in order to submit observations up the chain of command and laterally in order enhance local procedures. In support of the effective management of public funds hey provide training, track non-compliance statistics and monitor financial performance.

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