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At 4 Wing, we have over 325 Public Service Employees of which 154 report to the Wing Commander. My role as the 4 Wing Coordinator, majorly consists of being the advisor to the Wing Commander and report our staffing progress. This task occurs on a quarterly basis via the HRSC meeting. This is where we discuss strategies, operational requirements and discuss mandatory training requirements that allows managers to make sound decision when it comes to staffing.

On a daily and weekly basis, I assist Managers and our HR-Civ Staffing Advisor with staffing processes of upcoming vacancies. Administratively, there are steps that managers require to complete prior to engaging the HR-Civ Staffing Advisor. Those steps include completing cyclical review of the positions, SWE funding, Standardized Job Description and Official Language designation. A SWE is the funding that is received by the Wing that ensures compensation of the employee that will be filling a position.

Then on a regular basis, I also assist Managers and Supervisors when they seek assistance with locating resources about managing civilian leave and requests for retirements or resignations, such as ordering Retirement Certificates. Although specialists in this domain are reachable via the HR Connect RH platform or through our assigned Labour Relations Officer. All resources are provided on the HR-Civ site and used as a reference to Managers and Supervisors, as part of my assistance to them.

I also look after compliance reports related to Civilian Staffing and Civilian Performance. Prior to have staffing authority, Managers are required to complete mandatory sub-delegation training. My role is to ensure that this training is completed and work with external departments to add the managers onto the sub-delegation list.

Last but not least, my role also requires me to ensure completion of the performance management of civilians. Our completion rate is monitored by 1CAD. I monitor 4 Wings stats using the PSPM cycle to remind Managers and Supervisors to complete employee performance assessments.

In summary, my role is to ensure continuous civilian staffing and a well-supported Wing.

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