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For many, regaining a sense of normalcy in their lives is an important factor right now and one sign that things are getting better is a good old sports day.

Sports days have traditionally been a unit function, but 4 Wing Cold Lake leadership has decided to go one step further and designate Wednesday, 30 June 2021 as a a Wing-Wide Summer Sports Day. This celebration is meant to serve as a grand finale to “Rec Month”, which is held every June.

To encourage maximum participation, units will receive Wing Commander Cup points based on their participation in each of the four events that make up this multifaceted sports day; this includes all Defence Team members.*

Several events have been planned for the day!

How about a round of Golf? The Tournament will be Best-Ball Golf and that event is now full if you were lucky enough to sign up.

Have you ever tried Disc-Golf? Well now’s your chance. Pre-registration is required. Team rosters are to be submitted to Hannah Penn no later than 25 June. To register email

Participation in the Try-A-Tri allows for a great deal of flexibility, aimed at encouraging maximum participation.  Members of the Defence Team may sign up for one, two or all three activities which make up this event (i.e. swimming, cycling and running). When registering each member will be able to choose which activities they wish to participate in, as well as having the opportunity to select a timing for their participation, based on time slot availability. To register for this event, contact the 4 Wing Reconditioning Specialist, Sarah Barber at 780-840-8000 local 7905 or via e-mail at

Yoga is always a zen thing to do on Sports day. This event will consist of a series of yoga classes being run throughout the day. Contact Tovah Fenske no later than 28 June to register. Only 20 participants per class so get your name on the list by emailing

In recognition of the fact that not everyone may be able to participate in the Sports Day, Wednesday, 30 June will also be designated as a Wing-wide Jersey Day. The aim of Jersey Day is to cultivate extra excitement and foster a fun atmosphere of team rivalry. All members of the 4 Wing Defence Team will be permitted to wear their favourite sports team jersey throughout the workday, be sure to follow the provisions/requirements listed on the Admin Order for the day (Admin Order can be found on the local DIN splash page).

Unit overall placement will be determined based solely on participation rates. Awards will be presented to the winning Units by the Wing Commander, Wing Chief Warrant Officer, and representatives from our event sponsor, Inter Pipeline Ltd., the week following this event. These presentations will be captured on video and broadcast on social media.

Questions or concerns regarding this event may be directed to the Event Organizer, 4 Wing Summer Sports Day 2021 – 4 Wing Manager Fitness and Sports, Josey Yearley at 780-840-8000 local 8191 or email

Let’s take advantage of the day to reconnect with coworkers and acquaintances from all branches and get back to networking the way it was meant to be done, on the Golf course.

A big thank you to our event sponsor, Inter Pipeline Ltd., for their support of this event!

* As a reminder, contractors are not considered DND civilian employees and as such, are not permitted to participate. This is not considered time off, so if not participating, Defence Team members are to be at work. Public Service employee participation is at the discretion of the respective Commanding Officer (CO)/Branch Heads, pending operational requirements.

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