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Medley of Memories showcases alumni of CFB Cold Lake; Who they were, what they did, and where they have gone.

“Moving from MCpl to Officer Cadet with the Wing Commander, 1999” – Supplied Photo

Maj (ret) Glen Morrison

When were you posted to CFB Cold Lake?

We were posted to Cold Lake the summer of 1996, right after I returned from a 6 Month tour to Bosnia.  When I was posted to Cold Lake, I was a MCpl with the Military police and was a shift commander.  During my tour in Cold Lake, there were significant world events that transformed my career over the next 20 years or so and I can remember like it was yesterday where I was on 9/11 – teaching the Wing Auxiliary Security Force military law when we received the news and quickly proceeded to secure the base and set up access control points.  It was very surreal as I sat on the end of the couch with my family watching the news and knew at that point everything changed.

How many years did you spend here?

I was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake from the summer of 1996 until the summer of 2002, when I was posted to CFB Shilo as a brand new Lt after getting accepted into the University Transfer program – NCM (UTPNCM), and completing my degree at the Royal Military College of Canada along with completing my Military Police Officer Course.

What was your trade/job?

I was with the Military Police during my time at Cold Lake.  I had a very diverse time with regards to my time in Cold Lake as I started as shift commander and then went on to run the Operations Section in support of police and security tasks.  As mentioned earlier, I was accepted into the UTPNCM program and completed approximately 2 years doing On the Job training while waiting for my Military Police Officer Course.

What are your favourite memories of CFB Cold Lake?

I have so many memories from Cold Lake and some I would love to share.   This was my first posting to an Air Force base and I knew right away it was going to be different, there was an immediate sense of community and support.  From Winterfest and intersection hockey up to shaving my head for ‘Cops for Cancer’ and camping at Marie Lake where I went fishing with my father in law before he passed away from cancer and my own father when we caught five walleyes in the matter of three minutes with both my daughters and my niece in the boot – I would share our location but we will keep that spot secret.

My wife was embraced by the community and worked as a teachers assistant in the English program at the French School, when it was still on the base.   Who could forget Maple Flag – as an MP on shift it was definitely hoping with the military population doubling over night; however, the people I met from the USAF Security Police and our times at the MP Club were priceless – these stories I probably can’t share.  The MP Club was where the old Ski Club chalet was and I can remember in the winter, during the MP Hockey tournament, there would prizes for any team that could ride the plastic Bacardi Rum sign down the old run and not fall off – I do not recall any prizes ever being presented – lots of first aid practice however!.

When I became an officer, I experienced my first Officer mess function when they transformed the Mess into three dance levels – ball room dancing on one floor, disco on another and mixed music on another – everyone was in ball gowns and mess kits – we looked awesome and there was a bouncy castle – seeing everyone in ball gowns and mess kits in there was priceless.

Where did your military career eventually take you?

Cold Lake was the launch pad for my career as a Military Police Officer as I went on to the National Counter Intelligence Unit as the Operations Officer and DCO and deployed to Afghanistan as the task Force Counter-Intelligence Officer on two occasions and earned the VCDS Commendation.  I was also a detachment commander with the National Investigation Service and was in charge of the support detachment responsible for Surveillance, The national Drug Enforcement Team and the Integrated Technical Crime Unit.

During my tenure with the NIS, I deployed to Tripoli, Libya as the Task Force Commander responsible for leading a small team protecting the Ambassador and his Global Affairs staff.  I retired from the Regular Force in 2014 as a Major, and loved the uniform so much, got back in the Primary Reserves in 2016 and deployed again, this time to Baghdad, Iraq as a Counter-Intelligence staff officer supporting the NATO Mission in Iraq.

I have decided to hang up the spurs and as of 30th of November 2021, I will be full retired.  I currently work as the Operations manager for the Provincial Security and Intelligence office with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.  I have two grown daughters and two wonderful grandchildren who I am sure will fill my time.

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