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Cpl Jade Lopez, a member of the 4 Wing Band – Supplied Photo

Tuning up the Band is a showcase of the members that make up the 4 Wing Band. These submitted articles give the band members an opportunity to showcase their history with the group, as well as explain what makes the band so special to them.

Cpl Jade Lopez has been with the 4 Wing Band since June 2018.

“My first big gig with the band was on the Canada Day parade where I marched and played music at the same time, I only had less than a day to practice and learn to do it.”

While being able to play with the band has many perks, Lopez says it takes on a bigger meaning for her to be a part of the group.

“The 4 Wing Band is my prescription for better mental health.”

When Lopez isn’t playing music, she works in the Financial Operations section of the 4 Wing Comptrollers office.


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