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Remembrance Day 2021 – Supplied Photo 

As we enter this week of Remembrance, we reflect upon our history of duty, determination, and sacrifice. As the freedom we so richly enjoy is often taken for granted, we must remember that Canadians from all corners of the country and from all walks of life have answered the call, bringing the best Canadian values to places where fear and despair are prevalent while protecting Canada from tyranny and oppression. The diversity of our great nation is certainly underscored on Remembrance Day, every community gave to the cause that provided the peace we live in today.

Indigenous Remembrance Day was commemorated on Monday, November 8. It is imperative that we honour the courage, valour and sacrifice of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit veterans whose innumerable contributions to our freedom must not be understated. Their memory was revered through the many community services that were held across the country and by the half-masting of the National Flag.

Unfortunately, our ceremonies are still being impacted by the restrictions necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In an effort to reduce large gatherings, 4 Wing is hosting a small fifty person service at 1 Hangar and units are encouraged to hold small observances of their own. If attendance at one of these services is not possible, it is strongly encouraged that members watch the 4 Wing ceremony on Zoom, the National ceremony, or perhaps one that is being streamed from your hometown. The importance of the day must not be forgotten; take the time to remember those who passed the torch, the hardships and loss they endured and the toll taken on their families and loved ones. We owe them that, and so much more.

Lest we forget.

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